HiRide is an Italian company, born in the innovation cluster of e-Novia – the first Enterprises Factory – with the ambition of setting new standards of performance in cycling, reaching new heights in terms of riding efficiency in various ground conditions.

Our passion for cycling and engineering pushed us to bring the most advanced suspension control techniques from the automotive industry to the bicycle industry to provide cyclists with the most performing, safe and smooth ride.

HiRide designs, develops and manufactures top-notch smart active suspensions for different bike categories, from those in which the use of suspensions is more established – notably, mountain bike – to the gravel and endurance branches.
With HiRide, the suspension becomes smart and capable of understanding in real time maneuvers and road conditions, and activate automatically to adapt the suspensions’ behavior in order to maximize the performance of the rider and the stability of the bike in every condition.

In HiRide, engineering and technology are always pushed beyond the state of art, along with our significant high-end experience derived from the automotive world: thanks to this unique background, HiRide can count on cutting-edge competences in suspension design, dynamic algorithms and control electronics.

Since its inception, HiRide has landed in the world of cycling at the highest level, becoming the first ever brand to introduce an electronic suspension on a road bike. A groundbreaking technology selected by the strongest professionals to face the most challenging and hardest races of the road cycling world, such as the hell of Cobbled Classics.