BIKERADAR: HiRide’s smart suspension has been recently tested by the world’s best riding advisor

We’ve recently met BikeRadar, the world’s best riding advisor, in our headquarter in Milan to show and then test how our rear semi-active suspension works, also on […]

CYCLINGINSIDE: HiRide suspensions at Paris-Roubaix 2018

ESAS is an absolute innovation in the road cycling world. HiRide invented the first ever electronic suspension system for all-road, endurance, gravel and cyclocross bikes.The concept […]

CYCLINGON: Recensione sulla sospensione intelligente posteriore di HiRide

Lo scopo del sistema ESAS (Endurance Smart Adaptive Suspension) è di adattare, al variare del terreno, il comportamento delle sospensioni, che hanno influenza diretta sulla stabilità […]

TUTTOBICITECH: La “smart suspension” italiana sul pavé della Roubaix

C’è tanta Italia dietro alla Campagna del Nord del Team Sky, una delle squadre più attese durante gli appuntamenti con le grandi Classiche del Pavé, Giro […]

BIKE RUMOR: HiRide takes cycling to the next level with ESAS

On the heels of the Team Sky’s participation to the cobbles classics with HiRide’s ESAS. US’ website Bike Rumor went deeper on the HiRide breakthrough technology […]

BBC NEWS: HiRide’s artificial intelligence at CES in Las Vegas

An innovative bicycle suspension system that uses artificial intelligence”. That is how the BBC described HiRide during the CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. […]

BIKERADAR: Team Sky uses bikes with HiRide suspension

During preparations for one of the best-known classic races, the Paris-Roubaix, the British rider Ian Stannard, on his Pinarello Dogma K8-S equipped with a HiRide electronic […]

BICYCLING: «HiRide, a game-changer»

With their new electronic suspension, HiRide is changing everything. The authoritative website has analysed the new system and was so impressed by the Italian invention […]